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About the Client

The clients were a group of college students looking to make a change in the way homework is done. They wanted to create a social network from the ground up which would result in a platform for students of all ages to benefit from summaries and other communities for classes.


The Working Challenge


Creating a brand new social network platform allowing for communities to be made and discussion boards to be created.

  1. Adding functionality to a designed UI
  2. Managing an ever increasing database
  3. Releasing a stable platform in a 3 week deadline


Our Working Process


Gather All The Information Needed

We begun by creating a backbone for the platform to rest on, and tied it to a database. With that completed, we moved on to turning the proposed UI design into a functional UI on the app.


Find A Solution And Solve It

Once UI was functional, we begun tying all functions to the database, and begun to add protected ares of the platform for member only use. We also added functionality so all of the functions of the platform could be accessed from the front end, without ever needing to log into the admin panel in the backend.


Finally Get The Result

With the majority of the platform working, we begun creating test communities, and proceeded to polish some of the UI elements and added features such as verification before handing over the finalized project to the clients.

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