A hackathon for students, by students.




About the Client

The clients were a group of high schoolers with the goal of creating their annual hackathon online to adapt to the pandemic. They were hoping for a website that would allow them to show the world why people should register for their event.


The Working Challenge


Creating a website that would have an accurate countdown, slideshow of their previous year’s event, and showcase their itinerary. 

  1. Creating an itinerary tab shown with changes based on day 
  2. Creating an accurate countdown down to the very second
  3. Creating a slideshow


Our Working Process


Gather all the Information Needed

By getting essential data such as sponsors, location, plan of execution, and event speakers, we had the info required to get the perfect UI design.

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Find A Solution and Solve it

We begun to code the site, using the latest tools including Bootstrap 4, HTML 5, CSS and JS, allowing us to create the website to be identical to the drawn up UI. We were able to make it responsive and very modern looking.


Finally get the Result

By using Bootstrap to ensure the responsiveness of the site, Sass and CSS for the visuals, and Javascript for all the features, we were able to create a very accurate timer, as well as an itinerary area where the data changed based on day selected. With that ensured, a quick script for the slideshow was created, and the entire site was completed.

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